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Changing the UK performing arts narrative by unlocking the potential of outside performance. For venues, producers and artistes to earn their livelihood during the pandemic and beyond

About Us

The pandemic has ripped through the entire vertical of the sector, from organisations through to freelancers. Much of the sector relies upon venues where social distancing makes it impossible to make work economically. Even after a vaccine is introduced, we estimate it will take 12-18 months before social distancing measures can be removed. We're here to find medium-term solutions.


To unleash new performance opportunities outdoors across the sector by lobbying for safe regulatory easement, creating  partnerships and helping artistes to earn


A changed national narrative, whereby we accept that the best way for the performing arts to survive over the next 6-18 months is by focusing on an outside-first mentality


More performances will happen, more people will experience the thrill of live performance, more artists will be able to earn income from their livelihood

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