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Mission Accomplished!!! Carol singing is now legal again!

Updated: May 4, 2021

Out To Perform is delighted the government listened to our Save Carol Singing campaign, and that from December 3rd has legalised Carol Singing again in all English tiers. We're now providing free practical advice of the complex legislation and regulations in our Carol Singing Best Practice guide.

We are particularly pleased the government accepted Out To Perform's core argument that performing outside is a safer place than inside until the pandemic is over. We will be continuing our campaign to turbo charge the outdoor performance economy in the meantime, to allow more people to experience the thrill of live entertainment, and more artistes and support staff to earn money from their skills.

We look forward to working with the government to make meaningful change to help the country move forward through the spirit of the performing arts.

Read our Open Letter to the Secretary of State Oliver Dowden, sent 24th November 2020, co-signed by artistes and leaders representing the spirit of the UK and its performing arts.


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