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All The World's a Stage

A unique opportunity to create live performances

before theatres reopen

1,000 actors. 1,000 outdoor pubs & restaurants

15 mins of Shakespeare & friends

Live performance is back!

23rd April 2021, 7pm

The pandemic may have decimated the performing arts, but creativity is about to burst out in a landmark project to celebrate the return of live theatre. We're seeking 1,000 pubs and restaurants to host 1,000 short live performances outdoors on 23rd April – Shakespeare's birthday and St George's Day! A cultural renaissance is about to begin...

All the world's a stage in this win-win-win. Actors get a chance to perform again, and earn money from their livelihood. Audiences get their first experience of the joys of live performance a month before the theatres can reopen. Venues get culture to help drive trade to their ravaged businesses, in a hassle-free package. 

With an innovative business model that mixes crowdfunding with very lean administration, All The World's a Stage is set to unleash the creativity in every town in England, where the roadmap should allow pubs and restaurants to reopen from April 12th. (n.b. Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland are yet to announce firm dates for their reopening) so are not yet part of the scheme.

Watch out for some star performances too!

Read below for what it can do for you...

african american actor holding scenario
african american actor holding scenario

For Actors

Be creative, perform

– and get paid!

Be part of a community breaking down the barriers to performing


Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up through our online registration page. (Registration is restricted to professional actors and recent graduates)

  2. Be paired with a nearby venue when we've recruited all the actors & venues in early April

  3. Get creative, and prepare a 15-minute live performance, which must contain at least one piece of Shakespeare. Keep it simple: no lighting or tech – and keep it uplifting too.

  4. April 23rd 7pm, the stage is yours! Shakespeare-style, the show goes on whatever the weather!

How does it work financially?

You'll take part in an innovative mutual crowdfunding campaign, where everyone gets ten relatives/friends to donate at least £10. The pot is then divided equally between all the actors, with the aim of everyone getting £100. In addition, at the end of your performance, the hat will go round, and you'll potentially double your money on the night.

Garden Gate.jpeg

For Pubs/Restaurants

Boost trade & rebuild customer loyalty in the outdoor-only period

Offer customers unique access to the performing arts when theatres are closed

Here's how it works

  1. Sign up through our online registration page

  2. Be paired with a nearby actor when we've recruited all the actors & venues in early April

  3. List the event on your social media etc. You'll also be added to our directory of participating venues as part of our national and regional PR campaign.

  4. April 23rd 7pm, introduce your actor to their 15-minute spot. No sound, lights or stage necessary! Shakespeare-style, the show goes on whatever the weather.

How does it work financially?

The actor gets paid as part of the national crowdfunding campaign being run. They will then top-up their earnings by taking the hat round after the performance.

Your contribution will be a suggested minimum donation of £10 towards to the administration, plus providing the actor with drink on the night (and a meal if you're serving food)


For Audiences

Get first access to the return of live performing arts

With theatres not set to reopen until at least May 17th, this will be the first cultural opportunity of 2021

Here's how it works

  1. Check our directory for details of your local pub/restaurant offering

  2. Book a table at the venue 

  3. April 23rd 7pm, enjoy your bite-sized performance. As in Shakespeare's day, the show goes on whatever the weather! - this is a unique opportunity that can't be repeated.

How does it work financially?

The actors are taking part in a crowdfunding campaign to cover basic costs, but you are asked to be generous when the hat gets passed around afterwards. Over the past year, most actors have earned nothing from their livelihood: every penny you give will help sustain them until theatres get back to pre-pandemic levels.

Image by Matt Riches

Rekindling culture itself

Helping the entire eco-system of theatres, creatives and performers

How does it benefit me?

In this period when outdoor hospitality can open but theatres can't, this will bring a lot more than just provide a little work for performers. We'll use it to highlight the plight of the performing arts themselves – and show they can help the country recover from the pandemic. We're also predicting that it will reach 50% new audiences who wouldn't ordinarily go to the theatre.

Image by Matt Riches

Get In Touch

for more details call Stuart Barr

on 07973 379147

or click here to email us 


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