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Changing the UK performing arts narrative by unlocking the potential of more outside performances. For venues, producers and artistes to earn their livelihood during the pandemic and beyond

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Whilst we're working on our next campaign to unlock more outdoor performances in 2021, read about our previous successes:

Mission accomplished: Save Carol Singing!

To launch Out To Perform, we set out to Save Carol Singing, as we realised Covid Tier restrictions would unintentionally mean no carol singing this year.  To save this important part of the nation's spirit, we launched a national campaign combining: 

1. an Open Letter to Secretary of State Oliver Dowden signed by 20 people embodying the spirit of the nation;

2. a PR campaign that got 22 broadcast interviews and 6 major print articles in national media; and

3. a Westminster lobbying campaign to bring pressure upon the government from behind the scenes.

We wanted the government to follow its own science by recognising that outdoor music making is safer than indoors, and thus make carol singing legal in all Tiers, even where indoor music making would be prohibited. We also wanted the government to remove the legal requirement for performers to stop audiences joining in (even when safely socially-distanced) – and make a positive statement to encourage safe carol singing to happen.

We were thrilled that the government accepted nearly all our recommendations in what the Telegraph described as a U-Turn attributed to our campaign, and published specific guidance for carol singing in the Christmas regulations (in England), with the PM himself going on the record to say he'd personally championed the change.

In response, we distilled 100 pages of legislation and regulations, to publish a Guide to Safe Carol Singing to bring reassurance and best practice for the estimated 100,000 people who sang carols this December as a result.

Outdoor Carol Concert for Care Homes

Our mission is to uplift the nation by unlocking the barriers to more outdoor performances during the pandemic, and so what better way to celebrate the success of our Save Carol Singing campaign, than with an outdoor carol concert with Lesley Garrett? – With the support Department of Health & Social Care, we recorded this outdoors in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey and streamed it to all Care Homes in the UK.


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About Us

The pandemic has ripped through the entire vertical of the sector, from organisations through to freelancers. Much of the sector relies upon venues where social distancing makes it impossible to make work economically. Even after a vaccine is introduced, we estimate it will take 12-18 months before social distancing measures can be removed. We're here to find medium-term solutions.


To unleash new performance opportunities outdoors across the sector by lobbying for safe regulatory easement, creating  partnerships and helping artistes to earn


A changed national narrative, whereby we accept that the best way for the performing arts to survive over the next 6-18 months is by focusing on an outside-first mentality


More performances will happen, more people will experience the thrill of live performance, more artists will be able to earn income from their livelihood


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What we do



Remove unnecessary regulation and champion the "Right To Perform"


Bring together landowners/hospitality sector to create economic synergy with performing arts organisations and artistes


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Election Campaign

Advise venues, producers and artistes on how to make the most of the new opportunities


We're here for the entire industry

The performing arts is an eco-system – helping one part helps everyone else


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Venues, Producers & Organisations

We represent venues, producers and organisations to help change the landscape to enable them to make the most of the opportunities by performing outside.

Landowners, Restaurants & PubCos

We believe there's great potential for synergy between the performing arts and landowners and businesses – and we want to help you create the partnerships that generates value and creates jobs for both sides.


Artistes & Freelancers

Every individual has the ability to motivate others and inspire true change. Join us on our mission to change the national narrative, to enable more work to be created for the tens of thousands of artistes and freelancers throughout the performing arts. Whether you're a musician, actor, dancer, circus artiste or other performer, we're all in the same boat. But we also don't want to forget that the army of freelancers behind the artiste which the audience doesn't see, but whose future livelihood is also at stake.

Who we are

Stuart Barr, CEO

Stuart spent 20 years in the music industry as an international conductor and singing expert. He was musical director to Dame Shirley Bassey for 6 years, was chair of the London Youth Choir and a former President of the British Voice Association. After an MBA at Cambridge 4 years ago, he founded nSpireMe to develop AI technology to make children's practice more effective and fun; and more recently Parcel.Love to send delicious hand-made cakes, biscuits & photo greetings cards to friends and family during the lockdown.

Kate Jones, Partnerships

Kate Jones is a producer, project manager and consultant who has worked across the public, private and broadcast sectors.  With many years experience in the cultural and creative industries, Kate has worked with clients in both the public and corporate worlds to deliver public facing activations, strategies, campaigns and events.  For the last five years, Kate has held the role of Programme Director for Busk in London, a non-profit making programme supported by the Mayor of London that creates, curates and manages high quality, busking style performances for private landowners, property developers and corporate organisations.

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